The Ultimate ThrowBack Game and Entertainment Center


The Ultimate Throwback is an all in one firestick & retro gaming device that contains over 3000 Super NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, and Gameboy old school games. What makes MY Throwback unique from the others consoles is our system is about the size of a mobile (cell) phone and is extremely lightweight. It also has KODIE Pre-installed on it. You don’t only get over 3000 games, you get a full entertainment center. If you have internet or WI-Fi, plug in the Ethernet Cable or use your Wi-Fi info and Watch and Stream anything . To operate the Throwback, you plug the HDMI cable directly into your TV, then in the HDMI port on the unit, and begin playing all of your childhood games instantly. Support available for any questions you may have.


  • 2 Wired joystick (Classic Controller)
  • Bluetooth controller optional
  • The #ThrowBack Ultimate unit
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 1 USB power cable (To power the console)
  • Kodie 17.1 Pre-Installed
  • And over 3000 Games.

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