The Unlock FireStick



The Firestick is a device for streaming the latest TV shows and movies in HD without ever paying a monthly subscription fee. It eliminates the need for paying multiple streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. You can get rid of your monthly cable costs while still enjoying all of your favorite programming! Isn’t that great!? With the Firestick you can access all of the same content that you enjoy just as if you were a cable subscriber! The Firestick is quick to install and easy to operate. All you need is a stable WiFi connection and an HD compatible TV. Plug it in and press play! That’s it!

Compared to your monthly cable bill which typically runs at about $150 a month. Even if you have nixed cable and have purchased subscriptions to streaming internet television which range from $25 or more a month. Or, even if you have opted for the low end streaming services that start as low as $8 bucks a month, Firestick is still the better deal!! For a one time payment of $110 which includes shipping, you can enjoy unlimited, non contractual, ,never ending (unless you unplug it) TV shows and movies in HD. Yes! We are talking about a variety of content that appeals to almost every niche from film buffs, to classic television, comedies, horror, Hulu, netflix etc. And you will save an estimated $2350 annually if you currently subscribe to cable TV. Again. there is NO CONTRACT and you will receive free tech support for 60 days!! What are you waiting for?  ORDER NOW while still in stock!!!!


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