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Why Do You Need a Customer Acquisition Strategy?

To remain viable and competitive, companies need to continuously fuel growth in two ways. First, they need to attract and convert new customers. Second, they need to persuade existing customers to spend more. Also, a well-developed and expertly executed customer acquisition strategy can preserve resources. As well as maximize ROI by targeting the right prospects and delivering the right message at the right time.

Marketing Is Your Company Super Power!

Everything begins with marketing. If people aren’t aware of your existence, they can’t purchase what you’re selling! The more consumers you can draw to your business, the more profit you’ll earn – that’s just math. Hire us to locate and gain all those clients interested in your niche. By utilizing our Social Media skills, my organization can enhance your business customer base by 20-35% in 1-6 months.

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Stages of the Customer Acquisition Funnel

The customer acquisition funnel is wide at the top. Think of casting a large net to capture as much attention and interest as possible. And it narrows as lower-quality leads peel away and the brand guides remaining prospects toward a sale.

  • Awareness: New prospects and audiences are exposed to the brand for the first time by way of brand marketing efforts and/or independent research.
  • Interest: The brand distinguishes itself or its products by educating consumers and/or appealing to their emotions with a clever or resonant message.
  • Consideration: Once prospects visit the brand website, download content, register for a free trial, etc., they become more familiar (and hopefully more comfortable) with the brand and its products.
  • Intent: Prospects make their way further down the funnel and move closer to a purchase decision by watching product demos, adding items to their shopping cart, etc.
  • Evaluation: As the brand engages them further in response to their recent activity, prospects start to seriously consider the costs/benefits of completing the transaction, opting for a similar brand/product or simply doing nothing.
  • Purchase: Prospects become customers when they complete a transaction. Beyond the sale, companies can look for opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and reward customer loyalty.




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