About Us

Technology Gurus & Born Made Bosses is a¬† Technological, Management, Marketing and Hip Hop company. We’re niche experts, we can do it all!

We provide all types of consultation, training, professional services and niche targeting marketing.

  • Real Estate
  • Music
  • Business Credit
  • Credit Repair
  • Social Media
  • Music Creators
  • Content Creators

That list can go on and on, reach out below and set up your free consultation!

We also believe in the  Dr Boyce, Koinda, Black Momma Tea and Cafe , Dr Umar and Jay Morrison core values.

1.) We must educate our children and the community on generational wealth building.

2.) We must create strong Black businesses.

3.) We must support the Black businesses that we create.

Founded by Tommy Lee, an African American Entrepreneur from North Philadelphia. The company goal is to change the world through HipHop, Education, Group Economics & Reprogramming our current behaviors & thinking methods.

Born Made Bosses and Technology Gurus  also support 




The only true way to generational wealth & financial freedom is through Ownership and Investments. Reach out and let’s build something great!¬†


               PEACE AND BLESSING!